Terms of registration and use

1: This agreement is considered an electronic contract between the application on the one hand, and all users of the application on the other hand, and all the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement apply to all users, and your use of the application is your explicit consent to this agreement with all the terms and conditions stated in it. .

2: a remote lawyer platform that does not bear any legal liability arising from the poor quality or error of the service provided, or reliance on any incorrect or inaccurate information or documents, or for any improper or illegal behavior or behavior issued by clients.

3: The application is not treated in any way as a publisher of the users’ content, the user is fully responsible for the content he provided through the application, and in the event that you are harmed by this content, you must contact us and submit a complaint attached to the validity of your evidence, and the application will search and decide on it. .

4: The user declares that he has full legal capacity in accordance with the laws in force to enter with us in this agreement, and the customer must be 18 years of age or over to be able to benefit from legal services.

5: By using any of our services on the platform of a remote lawyer, this means that you have explicitly agreed to this agreement, including the terms and conditions and a privacy policy, and your use of the platform is considered an electronic signature on this agreement.

6: The user is obligated to provide us with correct, accurate and up-to-date data, and he is considered fully responsible, negating ignorance and prejudice, for all that the platform provides with it.

7: The user is obligated to make the content provided by him through the platform legal, correct and accurate, and the user guarantees that, and the user is obligated not to publish any content with the aim of misleading or defrauding, and he is also obligated not to publish any content that is not authorized to publish or related to the rights of others.

8: The user is obligated to make his use of the platform legal and legitimate
And it complies with the policies followed by the platform, and complies with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

9: The user is obligated not to post any bad comments or post external links or any advertisements.

10: The user is obligated not to send any messages that include any offense to the platform, its users, or any other parties, and that the messages are directly related to the required legal services and not be aimed at acquaintance or external communication or including any political or illegal content.

11: The customer is obligated to clearly define the legal services that he wishes to benefit from through the platform by opening an application that includes the required service and the type of request from the classifications available on the platform and attaching the necessary documents for that, then paying the service fees through the electronic payment mechanism, and the user is not entitled To change the specified service after payment, as it does not recover the amount in any way.

12: The customer is obligated not to publish data about other people or
Defamation of them through the platform.

13: The client is obligated not to publish any data related to issued issues
Regarding it, a decision banning publication therein.

14: The customer shall pay the required service fees and dues in advance via electronic payment and not tamper with the application in any way.

15: The client knows a science that precludes ignorance and deception and agrees that the platform does not bear any legal liability arising from any errors in the content or the legal service provided to him by the lawyer.

16: The lawyer is obligated to provide his legal services according to the service classification chosen by the client only, without other services.

17: The lawyer shall be committed to professionalism, to provide services to clients in an accurate and legal manner, and to comply with what he provided to the client with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he shall not provide legal services that include falsehood, errors, misleading, or any inaccurate acts.

18: The lawyer is obligated to study the client’s request well, express a sound legal opinion or provide legal service, and it must be free of any information that is not approved or documented.

19: The lawyer is obligated to verify the sources of information he adds
In the legal content that he provides to the client, and that he is committed to ensuring the correctness and accuracy of the numbers of laws, articles, paragraphs, court rulings numbers and the sources for their publication.

20: The customer is obligated to pay a fee for the services he obtains through the application electronically through our approved payment methods, which include (Visa, MasterCard, Mada, SADAD).

21: The platform does not bear any legal liability as a result of the error in providing data, and the platform will not be able to recover any sums that have been transferred.

22: The client shall bear any applicable fees related to transferring funds to the platform’s account.

23: The client can contact us in the event that he is not satisfied with the service provided to him by the lawyer, provided that the complaint includes all the details of the service and the customer’s objections, and the platform will examine the complaint and decide on it within 20 days from the date of its submission, and the complaint will be decided on the basis of terms and conditions. This agreement and the Saudi e-commerce system, and the decision issued by the platform management regarding the complaint will be final and binding on all parties.

24: Copyright The platform and the ideas expressed within it are pure intellectual property rights for us, and any imitation or quotation of the application or some of its services (including ideas, texts, icons and software) is a violation of our copyrights and in the event that our intellectual property rights are violated Including the provisions above, we will take all legal measures against the perpetrator of the violations.

25: It is forbidden to reproduce